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ELCON is the market leader in the Design and Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Earthing Materials and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Elcon Global - Trusted Earthing Material Supplier in India

Elcon Global is a leader in the industry and is a reputed earthing material manufacturer and supplier in India. We focus on offering excellent earthing products with a dedication to perfection to satisfy a variety of needs. We provide a wide variety of solutions and services to meet the various needs of our valued customers, whether their demands are in accordance with standardized specifications or whether they require tailored solutions.

High-Quality Electrical Earthing Materials for Every Industry

Our inventory includes a wide range of top-notch electrical earthing materials with uses in the engineering, electronics, automotive, and electrical industries, among others. We provide a wide selection of earthing system components as we understand how important earthing is for ensuring the security and reliability of electrical systems. Products such as earth rods or electrodes, grounding clamps, and copper earthing products are included in our catalog. We have the earthing products you need, whether you need them as lightning protection materials or for your regular electrical systems.

Right Earthing Materials for the Right Requirements

At Elcon Global, we take immense pleasure in providing earthing products that are packed with outstanding features. We guarantee cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality with our products' competitive pricing. Furthermore, the anti-corrosive properties of our materials ensure their durability and performance even in demanding conditions. Our earthing materials have outstanding performance qualities and a focus on optimal functionality. Our products are dependable and hassle-free choices for a variety of sectors due to their low maintenance requirements.

Elcon Global - Empowering Your Electrical Safety

Elcon Global is your ideal partner for reliable earthing solutions. We are the go-to option for businesses looking for top-notch earthing materials. We stand out as a leader in the sector, owing to our dedication to quality, price, and performance. With the help of our services, you can raise your safety standards.

Elcon Global is your trusted partner in safety and reliability when it comes to reliable earthing materials that uphold the highest quality requirements. Contact us to learn more about our extensive selection of earthing and grounding products. See for yourself why we are regarded as a reputable earthing material manufacturer and supplier in India!

We supply earthing materials in various standard specifications, these can be also custom made as required by customers. High quality electrical earthing materials used in earthing systems, all electrical systems. These are used in various industries like Electrical, Electronics, Automobile and Engineering etc.

Features :

  • • Afforadable Price
  • • Anti-corrosive
  • • High Performance
  • • Low Maintenance

Specifications :

  • Width : 25mm to 100mm
  • Zinc coated m 2: 400g/m2 - 700g/m2
  • Thickness : 3mm to 12mm
  • All Sizes of Earthing Flats are Hot Dip Galvanixed as per IS 4759 - 262

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1. What are earthing materials and their uses?

A variety of products are included in the category of "earthing materials" and are intended to provide a safe electrical connection between machinery and the surface of the Earth. These components—earth rods, lightning protection equipment, earth electrodes, and other grounding products—are essential for dissipating electrical faults and surges, assuring safety, and avoiding damage to electrical systems. They are employed in numerous applications, such as grounding installations, lightning protection, and as crucial parts of earthing systems in a variety of industries.

2. What is the best material for earthing?

Due to its superior electrical conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion, copper is frequently regarded as the ideal material for earthing. It is a top option for producing high-quality electrical earthing materials, such as copper earthing products, grounding conductors, and grounding clamps, making it ideal for use in earthing systems and lightning protection equipment. These materials are produced by manufacturers and suppliers of earthing materials, such as Elcon Global.

3. Which type of earthing is used in the industrial sector?

The most popular method of earthing used in the industrial sector is "Plate Earthing." This entails burying substantial metal plates or electrodes—made by the same manufacturers that make earth rods or earth electrodes—in the ground. These plates, in combination with grounding materials and lightning-protection equipment, form a dependable earthing system that efficiently dissipates electrical faults and surges, assuring the security and smooth functioning of industrial installations and equipment.

4. What are earthing types?

There are different techniques for creating a secure electrical connection between machinery and the Earth's surface, which may be referred to as “earthing types”. The use of specialized electrical earthing materials, such as copper earthing products, grounding conductors, and grounding clamps, which are offered by earthing material suppliers and grounding material manufacturers, is frequently necessary for these methods, which include plate earthing, rod earthing, and strip earthing. These are crucial to building efficient earthing systems, protecting against electrical risks, and aiding the dissipation of electrical currents in a variety of settings, from commercial to residential settings.

5. Where can I find an earthing material manufacturer in India?

You may trust Elcon Global, a reputable Indian manufacturer of earthing materials, for high-quality grounding products. To ensure safety and dependability for a variety of applications, they provide a wide selection of earthing equipment and solutions.